Our OCD Treatment Study in the Media

Psychcentral.com just published an article where the discuss the results from our OCD treatment study.


“In the study, coined the “Nordic research project,” investigators from Aarhus University and child and adolescent psychiatry clinics in Norway and Sweden, found that children and adolescents who benefited from the therapy were also free of patterns of compulsive behavior and compulsive thoughts one year after the treatment ended. “The study makes clear that cognitive behavioral therapy reaches beyond the treatment period. This knowledge is important, both for the practitioners, but not least for the affected children and their families,” said Dr. Per Hove Thomsen, one of the researchers behind the study and professor at Aarhus University.”



Read the full story here: https://psychcentral.com/news/2017/11/15/cbt-helps-kids-and-teens-with-ocd/128790.html



Davíð Höjgaard

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